Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Showers

We started out for Connecticut on Saturday morning in the midst of a snow storm that only got more intense as we drove over the mountains.  It continued to snow/rain/snow/sleet/rain for the entire trip, but we arrived safely and had a most pleasant weekend.  The sun even came out for a few hours on Sunday and we all ran outside to sit on the deck.  The clan gathered for Easter dinner--family getting together, everyone looking pretty healthy, and plenty of good food--that's a holiday in my book.

The poetry group had its finale last night with a poetry reading at the Deborah Rawson Library.  Everyone read at least one of their poems.  Some were funny and others, serious and even somber, but it was all good.

It is continuing to rain.  If April showers bring May flowers we should be due for one fantastic blooming coming up here.  I have noticed lots of daffodils are out around town.  Not mine, though.  They are up but have those buds closed tightly, stubbornly waiting for some sunshine.  Is it possible that plants take on the personalities of their gardeners?


  1. My daffodils are long gone. They bloom in February. I'm starting to get irises, and my celery isn't doing anything.

  2. You mean your daffodils are standing firm on their beliefs?

  3. Marcia, If that is a polite way of saying "Stubborn" I'd say you got it.


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