Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Packing Up

We will be leaving Florida early (really early) on Thursday morning.  We did a lot of packing up yesterday and Mike will start to load the car with the non-essentials today.
It's always tricky thing to get the fridge and kitchen cabinets cleaned out.  We are down to a half bag of frozen corn and one egg plus one can of artichokes and one can of evaporated milk.  Doesn't that conjure up a lovely dish for lunch??
I'm hoping that the same cleaning lady who was called in when we got here comes back after we leave.  I have been worried that she thought we made the mess we found on arrival.  I just can't bear the thought that someone would think poorly of our housekeeping skills.
We did have a monthly cleaning lady for a while when I was still working and taking care of my mother as she started her journey through Alzheimer's disease.  One day she was arriving just as I was leaving with my vacuum and a bucket of cleaning supplies to go clean (as a gift) for a young, single-mother friend who was completely overwhelmed.  She just shook her head and offered the opinion that it would make far more sense for me to stay home and send her to clean the friend's house.  Well, that day maybe it would have because it must have been a school vacation week in April, but I can't even tell you how much I loved cleaning day, coming home to a freshly cleaned house after work.  Undisturbed vacuum tracks on the carpets--what a thing of absolute beauty.
Any way, our time is getting short, but we will look forward to returning next winter.  Right now, I have to get out for my walk to the beach.  We had a big thunder storm last night, so the whole town smells fresh and clean today.


  1. Gracious, your time has gone quickly this year. Personally, I'd much rather clean someone else's house than my own.

  2. Your little place in Florida is very cute. I can understand your feelings about not wanting anyone to think poorly of your housekeeping skills. I have a cleaning lady now. It is nice to come home to a freshly cleaned house, but I also have a love/hate relationship with having a cleaning lady.

  3. Ah, yes, undisturbed vacuum tracks. They stay that way such a short time.
    Enjoy the beach and the sun while you can. It's not warm here.

  4. I know that feeling of coming home to a clean, tidied-up, sweet-smelling house. After years of Husband's tension over my lackluster housekeeping skills, I finally hired a woman who comes every two weeks. Tomorrow is her day, and when I come home from work, I will feel like Queen Elizabeth II. When I get into my bed, made by Anyone Else, I will feel like a well cared for child.

  5. To use up those last few food items, brown a couple of chicken breasts, and make a sauce of the evaporated milk incorporating the artichokes, lots of dried tarragon, and top it with the egg, hard-cooked and chopped up. You can easily pack the little bit of tarragon that will be left over.
    Just tell me what time to show up.

  6. I can't believe it's time for you to leave. It just seems like yesterday that you were heading south.

  7. For one year in my life I had a cleaning woman. Mercy, that was a wonderful year.
    Sorry your visit to Paradise is almost over but know you will enjoy being at home once more. Have a safe trip.

  8. Wishing you a safe journey home!!!

    Gentle hugs...

  9. It seems like you just got there! God's speed.


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