Saturday, March 26, 2011

I've noticed

I've noticed that just when you finally get around to doing a major closet clean out and packed off all those items from the seventies, the 70's look is the new fashion trend. 
Could be worse--the 80's look making a comeback.  Heaven help us.

I've noticed that cyclist are getting ever more militant about the right of sharing the roads with motorized vehicles...but if they are riding on the sidewalks (the one right next to the designated bike lane on the road), they expect pedestrians to jump out of the way.
Or they won't hesitate to wing you with the rear view mirror on their bikes.

I have noticed that some people feel perfectly free to comment loudly to a complete stranger about the teen-agers passing by who are sporting multiple tattoos and body piercings.  What if that stranger has teen-aged children with tattoos and body piercings?  What if those two are her children?

I've noticed that other people look really nice with polished nails, but I myself will immediately start picking off even clear nail polish because I can't stand the feel of it.
Does anyone else have sensitive fingernails?

I've noticed the person who walks into a store and says to the sales person, "You know what I'm looking for?"  I never worked as a sales person.  Is mind reading part of the initial training?

Finally, I've noticed how many times a clerk rings up your purchases and then asks, "Is that everything?"
I really have always wanted to say, "Oh, no...I forgot the butter.  Hold on a minute while I go get it."


  1. Funny. Yes, I've notice many of these things.

  2. I've noticed that when I thank a waitperson for something, he or she will say "no problem" instead of "you're welcome." What has happened to "You're welcome?"

  3. Funny about the fingernails. I can tell when I have it on or off, but neither one bothers me. It's the weight of it, I guess.

    Sometime when somebody makes a remark like that about the tattoos and piercings, don't you want to say, "That's my son/daughter," and just see what they'd do?

    And it strikes me that just recently I thanked somebody in a store or bank or something for something, and the response was, as Bobby Gail noted, "No problem." It caused me just a second's pause. It fell wrong on my ear somehow.

  4. Oh, what Bobby said about "No problem". I hate that. Of course it's not a problem, it's service they are getting paid for!

    Fingernail polish? I can't even stand fingernails that get as long as my finger tips. They have to be SHORT!

    The grocery clerk always asks, "Did you find everything you were looking for?" Like whether I did or not, are you going to stop checking and go look for it? And what if I bought stuff I WASN'T looking for, which I ofter do?

    Life is funny.

  5. I have the fingernail polish response too. These are clever observations. Watch out Jay Leno!

  6. Yes - why do they always ask, "Is that everything?" Is it programmed into all training manuals? As for the fingernail polish, I can't stand it either because it makes me look exclusively and compulsively at my nails!

  7. How about restaurant servers and hosts who, when you are leaving (and you are 62 and 68 respectively), they say, "Thanks, GUYS!"

  8. My hands look so bad with age and years of gardening that anything to call attention to them is not too smart of me. So no polish for that reason. Really wish gloves would make a resurgence.

  9. I'd think I'd be afraid, to complain loudly, about someone who has multiple tatoos and piercings. Good grief! And a chuckle too.

    Yes, those things-sales-people-have-to-say are so weird. Who thinks them up? Who thinks they are super and so, every sales person HAS to say it? -sigh-

  10. I love the posts!

    Thanks for visiting
    and, yes, this is the same black long-haired cat - scourge of the neighbourhood! Chases geese, wil turkeys, deer.


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