Sunday, February 20, 2011

Landscape Project

 The landscapers had completed this island in the front by the end of Saturday afternoon.  They built a small patio and a walkway  to it in the backyard.  They were all hustle and bustle.  It amazes me how fast things get done around here. 
These are new plantings that they put in the back.  The place really does look refreshed.  They built a small planter by the front door and will return sometime this week to plant that.

The owner of the landscape business had to leave a bit early because he needed to get to his restaurant job.  I think yard work is hard, but I am quite sure I would rather do that for a living as opposed to working in a restaurant--especially in Florida during the tourist season.  I notice, now that I am retired, how incredibly hard some people work.


  1. The podiatrist whom I saw on Friday, and to whom I mentioned I'd spent several years waiting tables, said he'd always wanted to be a waiter for a while.
    I asked, in astonishment, "Really????"
    "Yeah, what's it like?"
    "It's hard," I said.
    "Everybody always says that, but I don't see what's so hard about it," he answered.
    What an innocent.

  2. The landscape looks good.
    People do work har, and they should be able to make a living wage as a result. Too many do not.

  3. The landscaping looks very nice. I am amazed at how much hustle some people have. I really admire their work ethic.

  4. love the yarn, although I have no idea what I would do with it. I'm glad it's in your hands.


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