Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have experienced a few minor earthquakes.  One time I was pulling into our driveway and my then husband came running out of the house because he thought the jolt was from me smashing into the garage.  I was not even aware of the quake that time. 
Another time I was still in bed when the cat came racing into the room, jumped up on the bed and stood on my head looking out the window.  Within seconds, the house shook and the cat was in a tailspin screaming, "I didn't do it!"
Just last December, I was watching some TV and Mike was standing nearby when I felt the chair vibrating.  "We're having an earthquake," I announced, but Mike had not felt a thing.  We did have a small quake, by the way.
I sincerely hope that is the extent of my earthquake experience.

We have been watching the news of the quake in New Zealand yesterday.  This, and the one in September, have been no minor hiccups, no slight adjustments of the earth's crust like the quakes I have encountered.  These earthquakes have been devastating.  It's always so hard to watch that kind of disaster, but it is really brought home when you know someone personally affected.
We have friends who had just last year moved to Christchurch from the north island.  Their house was hit hard in September.  They had to move out and were not able to even start repairs because of the aftershocks right into December.  I can't help but look for a familiar face on the news but I really am hoping that they were away from the city for the day.


  1. My last experience with an earthquake was in the classroom. It was amazing how well the kids handdled it, doing exactly as we had practiced during drills. That was quite a shaker, and during the ducking and covering and holding on to those desk legs some kids were asking "Is this real?" Like you can fake an earthquake. Funny. But also scary. We know the big one could come any time.

  2. My mum's from Abruzzo... last year Aquila was devastated by an earthquake and my relatives were really scared...
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  3. I've had a few encounters with earthquakes myself, but thankfully, never any of these quakes have been anywhere near the magnitude of what we are seeing in New Zealand. It is devastating to see the destruction.

  4. I have a good friend who lives in Christchurch. I finally heard from him last night. He is okay but says the destruction is terrible.

  5. Sending good thoughts on to your friends. We are in earthquake country. That could have been us. One day, it will be.


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