Thursday, February 3, 2011

Do I Wanna Know?

According to a recent post in Time Goes By, a test for the plaques associated with Alzheimer's disease is likely to be available within the year.
A rock drops to the pit of my stomach just thinking about that.  My mother suffered from senile dementia--it was never definitively diagnosed as AD--for at least the last dozen years of her life.  Every time I have the slightest brain fart, I get that sense of impending doom.  Never mind that forgetfulness has been a part of my personality since I was able to spell my own name--or not.   hey, it was an easy spelling to forget.
So I can maybe find out if I am likely to get Alzheimer's.  Do I want to know?  NO!  Do I think it would be the responsible thing to do to find out and plan?  Yes.  Will I line up for an evaluation as part of a study or as a potential patient soon as it is available?  I really don't know.  I REALLY DON"T KNOW!
I mean screening for something there is treatment and even cure for--that is one thing.  Just knowing what your eventual fate might be--I just don't don't necessarily see the upside to that.


  1. I'd have to think about that. If you tested and it showed you will not have AD then you could live happily ever after. If the test was yes you'd have to live with 'when' and that would be awful.

  2. I agree with you. I prefer the head in the sand approach also. Love the photo!

  3. Just yesterday, I was looking at the cans of tomato sauce I've been using for years in my meatloaf lined up on the grocery store shelf and couldn't remember the size I buy. It scared me to death. Now, if I were younger I would have just laughed it off and reminded myself of what a ditz I am.
    But now, I wonder. What do I wonder? I don't know. I can't remember.
    Loved the great photo, which was perfect for your piece.

  4. After the hysterectomy, after the mastectomy, I saw an oncologist. We carefully reviewed the fates of my deceased forebears, and concluded that cancer of some kind will do me in. It doesn't do me much good to know that. I have all the tests and things on schedule, because there is "treatment" for cancer of almost any organ, but in the end...well, you know...

    So, faced with the AD dilemma, I think I would prefer not to know that it was a definite thing. But...what if you found out you wouldn't get it. It's a real lady and the tiger question, isn't it?

  5. I'm with you. If I knew it was coming it would ruin my healthy years. As I said on Linda's blog, I intend to laugh at my senior moments as long as I can remember why it is I am laughing. We certainly are not alone.


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