Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Overheard:  I wanted to know what was really the story with this Egypt thing so I tuned in Fox News    Fox is the only one that doesn't give you spin.  Believe me, I've watched them all over the years.  If you want just the truth, go to Fox.
Oh, my.  We all have our own perspective and each of us is entitled to his or her own opinion.  So, mister, exactly what color do you believe the sky to be?
My shawl is moving along nicely right now, but it is going to be a long time until completion.  I started with 84 stitches and increase every other row by eight.  I am now up to 388 and will have to keep going until I reach 1196 and then I will have to do the border around it.  Seems kind of daunting.  It takes a pretty long time to get across a row when up to several hundred stitches.
I happened to see a shawl in a store window downtown the other day.  It was a large-knit stockinette stitch rectangle that wraps  around the  shoulders and  is secured with two over sized buttons.  A weekend project.  I didn't go into the store to check the price.  I didn't want to know.
Mike has continued to do a bit of yard work each week.  This week he pulled out some dead vines.  I promptly rescued them from the yard waste barrel and fashioned them into a wreath that I then decorated with shells.  We make a good team, and the front door needed a little perking up.
The actual owners of the house are planning to do some landscaping--rather have it done--sometime soon.  The man who bought the property just to the back of us has been doing a major project in that yard--clearing out brush and some trees.  It has made a big difference in the light reaching our back yard as well.  It's a nice quiet neighborhood when all the work is done for the day!
I have just started reading The Problem with Murmer Lee by Connie May Fowler who is a Florida writer.  I am drawn right in.  I will definitely look into some of her other books when I finish this one.  I understand that Oprah made a movie from one of her books, but I had never heard of her before.  I saw an article about her in Southern Living Magazine at the library.
I see, also, that Alice Hoffman has a new book out.  I will look for that as well.   Her Turtle Moon is in a three way tie with The Hundred Secret Senses (Amy Tan) and Beloved (Toni Morrison) for my all time favorite book.
So...off to read for a bit.


  1. Thanks for the book suggestions. I've never read much fiction and always have a terrible time picking something out. I wish I could find a good fiction writer that interested me enough to read several of their books. I don't even know what I like in fiction. I know I don't like mysteries.

  2. Just checked and that book is on Kindle. Sounds like a good read. Thanks.
    Nice recycle on the vines.

  3. Your opening topic really made me laugh. I'm so glad that Fox does not put a spin on the news. Isn't nice that this gentlemen let us know that we could believe every word in a Fox broadcast?

  4. I'm definitely going to check out Connie May Fowler.

  5. Hi Olga, I like Alice Hoffman, too - and really liked Turtle Moon which I read eons ago in paperback at the bottom of the Grand Canyon! Your shawl will be lovely and worth every stitch and minute you spend on it.

  6. I don't think I've read Turtle Moon, but I will because I like Hoffman. I did love the other two books you mentioned so I will look for the Fowler book as well.

    Be sure to post a photo of that shawl when you are done.

    Funny: I have an overheard observation that I want to post too. I think I'm going to do it tomorrow. Great minds!


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