Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More walking...

The sign warns against trespassing.  Okay, I'll stay out.
I forgot my jungle clearing machete anyway.

Lining up for the golf course.
The crowd will really grow in the next few weeks.

The beautiful live oaks are on the golf course.  This particular walk
took me on a loop around the course and a nearby airport.

Caspersen Beach walkways have all been refurbished.
No more splinters!

Last night an impressive thunderstorm rolled over the area, ushered in by equally impressive winds.  Well, it was impressive to me although nothing like the extremes Mother Nature has been known to deal out around the world.  We sat on the lanai and watched the show.  This morning there is a whole new crop of oranges fallen off the high branches. 
Now, see, a Vermont snow storm is beautiful to watch from the vantage of a window in a cozy room, but the next morning it is out with the shovels and snow thrower.  The appeal wears off rather quickly.  Picking up oranges after a storm--I can live with that.  And the juice--oh, my, so good.


  1. I have to agree picking up oranges after a storm beats looking out on ice and snow.

    Enjoyed seeing the picture of the live oak trees. We had many of those when we lived in Texas.

  2. I love the oak tree. I can tell you are really suffering over there. ;)

  3. What a lovely place to walk. I wonder how old that live oak is.

  4. Sounds like your life has become wonderful. We got snow thunder in the area and there was lots of power outages...although where I live it was just a crusting of snow.

  5. Ah, that live oak is one of the things I miss about Florida.
    Not the storms though. Don't think anywhere has thunder storms like Fla. It is the lightening capital of the world.


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