Friday, January 28, 2011

The Hunting Life

Mike was an avid hunter in his youth.  Later in life, he put whatever instincts, honed senses, and eagle-like eyesight he learned from those early experiences to work--he hunted old and obscure  parts for the surprising number of individuals who care about restoring antique American motorcycles.  Now that he has retired from that business, he still indulges his hunting passion.  Now, he hunts sharks' teeth and other fossils on the beach...And, he is one of a regular crew who are out there early each morning hoping to scoop up the best find.  It's usually a friendly kind of competition.

I just can't beach comb with that kind of focus  so I mostly walk and scan the sea and sky.  Plus which, I don't care to get up before dawn. Mike does  indulge my gathering habits with his hunting skills--finding some nice shells for my collection. 

I did make a major find myself and I just have to boast about it, though.   Clearly it is the fossilized skull of an alien life form that visited the earth millions of years ago.  You can see that, right??  Because some people are just fossil snobs and feel the need to pooh-pooh this marvelous find.


  1. Very interesting. I have some lovely shells. Your amazing find is wonderful in it's own way but you have to admit it's not much to look at, a little on the ugly side I'd say.

  2. Laughing at your "find". Perhaps an alien fetus since it is rather small? I can see it.

  3. I used to be a big beachcomber...have tamed that just a little as my shell collection now fills boxes! But it is fun to see all the detritus that the ocean mother tosses up at our feet.

  4. I agree that's definitely a alien skull and it should be treated with greater respect. I, like you, walk around looking up. That's why I fall down so often. But it's still worth it.

  5. Very cute. I love how you "found" such a "treasure." It takes a special eye to find such things.

  6. Fossil hunting is a wonderful way of life. Out in all weathers, particularly after a storm, when the cliff face crumbles and collapses.

    Don't let anyone make fun of your find.

    I am very glad you were not talking about the kind of hunting that kills.


I appreciate readers' comments so much. You don't even always have to agree with me.