Sunday, January 9, 2011

How Are You?

In my catch up blog reading, I have noticed a lot of painful experiences.  Accidents, illnesses, deaths, relationships, jobs, any of the stuff of everyday life can cause pain--physical or emotional.  We all cope in different ways, but, for those of us accustomed to writing, the very act of writing things down can be a tool for dealing with whatever life throws at us.  It seems that writing a blog brings us into contact with a supportive, like-minded community of individuals we might otherwise never have met.  This may not necessarily be a substitute for the support of family and friends in "real life," but it is certainly another source--and who doesn't need a little extra support or an added prayer at some point?

Another thing, I often note is that we tend to apologize because we are not "supposed to" mention our aches and pains, examine our trials, expose our emotions in public. Perhaps this is a generational thing.  I remember bursting into tears at the wake of my father and my mother apologizing to those who were there by saying, "She was always the emotional one in our family."  That really says volumes--and not necessarily about me.

Again, blogging plays a role.  It's such an odd combination--personal and intimate thoughts and experiences out there for all to see.  I find it is instructive to read about other's lives and the bumps and bruises make the reading real, even compelling.  I like to read the funny stuff, but I like to read the hard stuff too.


  1. Me too. I've been so surprised at what blogging and other bloggers have given me.

  2. Well said Olga. Thanks for the support of you and others in my world of blogging. I agree with you. We are all in this together.

  3. Gosh isn't that why we blog? It is much handier to blog about my spills, bird mites, and flabby thighs than to call my family and bug them. The beauty is that we immediately learn we are not alone, there is always someone out there currently in the same boat or has been who can offer advice. That is a wonderful comfort and support. Plus there is always someone to make us chuckle.

  4. I love it when people mention there aches and pains because then I feel like I'm not the only one dealing with difficult things. Well said.


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