Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fresh Citrus

We have settled into the new house.  Our neighbors came over with a ladder and picked oranges and lemons from two trees in our back yard for us.  The oranges are not the pretty navel oranges one finds in the supermarket but they are great for juice.  Fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast...yummy.
I think that I will make some lemon curd with the lemons and serve it over a puff pastry for dessert on Saturday.  I went to the grocery store to stock up yesterday, but now I remember that I did not buy any sugar...
It is in the 60's today, but we could not ask for a prettier day.  We spent three hours walking the beach this morning.  It was a low tide and the beach was littered with shells.  This little house could use some decorative clear bowls or vases filled with shells so I got right to work on that.  We ran into the "gang" from the beach.  Things are getting back to normal.
Yesterday I explored a new park that was in the works last year and has now been completed.  It will be a great place for a picnic lunch one of these days.  It has tables and benches overlooking the sand dunes.  There is also an alligator habitat pond in the center.  I did see very small alligators and a couple of turtles.  There is a protective fence around the pond--for the protection of the alligators or the protection of humans is unclear--but it's good that it is there.


  1. Sounds like everything is going well. As long as it doesn't get above 60 I would enjoy walking on the beach. I need a good walk somewhere. Also I'd like to taste that fresh orange juice and lemon curd.

  2. Glad the freeze didn't hurt your oranges. Maybe that was a bunch of hype just to raise the price of OJ.
    That fence is to keep big gators out. In Florida, if there is a pond, there will be gators. Built it and they will come.

  3. I note that you are now in FL but came from VT. My family had a house in Bondville, VT when our children were growing. We have wonderful memories of that time. Enjoy your sun and sand and beach. I enjoyed a respite from my snow by visiting you!

  4. What a change in lifestyle. I did not realize you were making such a big move. You seem to be mellow about it all.


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