Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter is Here.

The calendar hasn't said so, but winter has arrived in our corner of the world.  The "some snow flurries" predicted have turned out to be a day of snow falling and accumulations of about ten inches now.  Traffic is just inching by on the road in front of the house.  I cleared off the deck and Mike took shovel to the driveway (twice) but that was as much going out as we did today. 
The painter will not be coming until next week.  We have pretty much decided that means that we will not put up a Christmas tree this year, or do much else in the way of decorating.  I did put out wreaths on both front doors on Saturday. 

I made this wreath to hang indoors.  It may end up being the only decoration I put out this year!


  1. We are doing a much smaller process of decorating this year as well but do not have the weather to blame.

  2. I love your wreath, you crafty woman. We are even looking for snow flurries here in Atlanta today.

  3. If ten inches is what Vermont newscasters consider flurries, would hate to see what they call a storm.
    I am so envious and we are supposed to get the real "flurries" tonight. Whee.

  4. I like your way of decorating. You have your priorities right.


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