Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When the lights go out

A recent power outage in the area made me realize just how much my life style depends on the availability of electricity.  Sure, it is an annoyance to not have the TV or computer, but it is possible to go on living without.
Other things are more concerning.  I'd just filled the fridge and freezer with holiday supplies.  Will I have to move all that stuff out into the garage or even outdoors to keep it cold or frozen?  Or will it get that cold inside?
There will be no vacuuming, but there is always dusting to do.  Why has no one yet invented the indispensable electric furniture duster with electrostatic feathers? 
I won't be able to do the laundry that I have ignored for days and days because I have been distracted by blogs and computer searches.  Here's the time opened up, but no electricity to run the machines.  No hot water after a bit and then no water at all since the pump is electric.  Now the toilet cannot even be flushed.  How concerning is that?
The furnace goes off.  Is it so cold that the pipes will freeze?  Thank goodness that we have a wood stove and plenty of wood.  I complain about its messiness sometimes, but not when the den is snug and cozy while the temperature in the rest of the house is dropping.
Thank goodness, also, that I have a husband who, without benefit of ever having been a boy scout, is always prepared and is a well equipped camper.  Coleman lantern, a full container of fuel, matches, flashlights, charged batteries, a camp coffee pot--check, check, check check, check, and check--better yet, all right where always live so you can put your hands right on them when needed.
Reading is an option, for a while anyway.  But it gets dark really early and it is too much strain on my weak eyeballs to read by flickering lantern light.  Really, the thing to do, I think, is sit by that warm and cozy fire with a glass of wine, a sliced pear, a bit of cheese,  and that wonderful man who has it all under control.  After that, well, there are flannel sheets and warm woolen blankets on the bed.  It doesn't really matter how cold the rest of the house gets.


  1. Wow, you do know how to handle an emergency. Must think about moving next door!

  2. I love how you made something wonderful out of a trying situation.

  3. Rain and wind in the Pacific Northwest. Your weather sounds lovely to me.

  4. That is how to make lemonade. Snuggle and enjoy. However that toilet thingy is really annoying.
    For the future, those book lights you can get anywhere work marvelously well and last forever.

  5. The fire is only an option if it's the manual type. These days homes have electric or gas that need to be switched on!

  6. Sounds cozy and lovely to me! A wood fire, candles, a glass of wine and good company.


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