Sunday, December 5, 2010

Roof is Fixed

My son-in-law arrived today--along with my grandson.  Our roof is now fixed and that is a major relief.  It was bitter cold and snowy, so we were kind of sorry that we had him drive 70 miles to climb onto our roof and replace three shingles.  However, a guy  going around with his card offered to do the job for $200 and that seemed a bit excessive.  We already had extra shingles.  So...We are really, REALLY appreciative of our son-in-law"s efforts.  Plus, I got to spend some time with my grandson...sweet, sweet, sweet.

According to the local paper, there are still people without power in the county.  I can't imagine.  The weather has taken a decided turn towards winter.

I went to my doctor's appointment to have my blood pressure checked late Friday.  I have to go back in two weeks because it was still somewhat on the high side--although lower than a month ago for sure.  My home checks are mostly within normal range--eating out and not having total control of the salt level is not good for me--so the next time I will take my home monitor for calibration.  If that checks out, my doctor said she will stop worrying about it; if not, we will look at changing medication.  That is problematic only because we will be leaving for Florida and my insurance seems to think there are no qualified doctors in the entire state of Florida--so who would monitor a change?  I can't imagine that my blood pressure would be high while I'm spending three months at the beach, though.  Meanwhile...pesky family history, but I feel great.


  1. We are going through the same battle with my husband. His blood pressure has suddenly taken a hike up too. He did take the blood pressure machine from home in to the doctor on Thursday to have it calibrated and it check out. The doc is out of the country until late next week, so I don't know what she will do when she gets back. Good luck with yours. In the meantime, may your blood pressure come down.

  2. The beach in winter would be good for anyone's blood pressure. It's my favorite time of the year to be at the coast.

  3. Three months in Florida. That would bring my blood pressure down...just miss those grandkids too much though, so settling for a few weeks. You grandson is a sweet guy!

  4. I have white coat blood pressure. My home monitering is just fine. Once I got it calibrated, my doctor relaxed.
    Long walks on a sunny beach should do wonders for you.
    Your son-in-law sounds like a keeper.

  5. I have to walk daily to get that blood pressure to be well in the normal range. Lucky you going to Florida.


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