Monday, December 20, 2010

Off and Running

My computer time for the rest of the day will be for arranging travel plans and flower delivery.  My sister and I will rent a car and head to Rochester, NY, for our Uncle Bill's funeral.  When I get back, it will be another trip to my daughter's (Thursday or Friday??)  Then a day of R&R on Christmas.  Pack up for target heading south day of next Tuesday.  Oh, and some where in there we'll need to put the house back together after the painting is completed.  I think I should head out right now and get a case of Red Bull or one of those other energy concoctions because this all sounds like an energy taxing plan to me.


  1. Forget the house. Enjoy being with family. I'm glad you get some time with your sis and other family members while you honor one from the generation before us.

    You have a plan, so it seems the hard part is done. Blessings.

  2. Be careful on your trip and do stop to rest if need be.

  3. Wow. Hope you can find a little downtime in there. Sorry about the loss of your uncle.


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