Saturday, December 4, 2010


Before the power went out the other day, I had undertaken a blast-from-the past culinary experiment.  My mother used to make pierogis--alot, but it was not something I had ever attempted.  I happened to see an old Martha Stewart Show that featured her mother and her mother's recipe for pierogi dough so I decided I'd give it a go.  (I just can't seem to allow Martha to get the better of me!!  I should give this competition up as I am quite sure Martha does not consider me a threat.)  I started this project at 10:30 on Wednesday morning and finished it just as the electricity cut out at 3:30 in the afternoon.  That's five hours of working in the kitchen.  Now I know why homemade pierogis are not on my "what's for dinner" rotation.

The pierogi dough.  King Arthur four flying everywhere.

My mother made triangles.

I found it much easier to make round pierogis and actually keep the potato filling inside.
  We tested some out and then I put a fairly large supply in the freezer.  I'll serve them with toppings when my family comes for a pre-Christmas gathering.  They were fun to make, once in a life time.


  1. This is my first time to hear about these little wonders. Don't you wonder how women of that era found the time for this kind of cooking. Today we're not working to get quilts made for the winter, or knitting so the family would have socks and sweaters. Also we do not iron today with an iron heated in the fireplace. Yet they still had time to do this wonderful kind of cooking.

  2. I'm overwhelmed just reading this.

  3. I've never heard of these, so I did a bit of research. Since my background is not from Eastern Europe, I guess that is why I've missed out on this tasty sounding treat. I found the recipe and will try it. What do you use for toppings?

  4. New to me also but with that time frame to prepare, they will have to originate in someone elses kitchen.
    Good idea to freeze.

  5. I would love to eat some!! But I won't be making them either.

  6. How brave of you. Once is better than never! And now I feel hungry. Gotta get some lunch. Wish there were some pierogies in our freezer.


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