Friday, December 3, 2010

Classic Downslope Wind Event

Yep, that's what they call it.  The wind started blowing late night on Tuesday.  The rattling windows woke us up I don't know how many times.  One might have thought we lived next to the  tracks with endless freight trains roaring past.  It wasn't a hurricane and it wasn't a tornado, but it was an impressive display of wind power from a warm front colliding with a cold front that sent 60+ MPH gusts down the mountains. A torrential downpour followed the ending of the wind Wednesday night.
We lost power on Wednesday afternoon around 3:30 and we were without for 26 hours.  At least we have a wood stove and a gas stove that we could light for cooking.  Mike dug out the Coleman lantern that belonged to his father.  It's at least seventy years old, but still dependable.  Still, we were reminded just how much nearly everything we do on a daily basis requires electricity.

Our yard used to be an open field where corn was grown so we have few trees on our property.  I managed to load up the wagon with twigs and sticks, but others were clearing large trees out of driveways and the town highway crew was out straight dragging tree trunks off the roads.  We lost a few shingles off our roof, but there were some who lost entire roofs.  Lucky for us, my son-in-law has a roofing business.
So, that's quite enough weather-related excitement for me.


  1. We had 70 degree temperatures here today and WIND - lots of it. I don't think we lost any branches or twigs, but it was not a nice day to be outside even with the nice warm temperature.

  2. Oh dear, that sounds as bad as some of the stuff that goes one it Texas. Who would have thought the wonderful state of Vermont would act like that.

  3. I heard your area was really hit. So glad you had minimal damage but being with out power can be a challange.
    What a handy son-in-law to have.


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