Monday, November 8, 2010

Scientific Theory

You have noticed, I am sure, because everybody in the entire world has, that men just can not find stuff.

Male:    "What did you do with this, that or the other thing?"
Female: "It's under the sink (or in the medicine cabinet, on the floor next to the bed)"
Male:    "No, it's not.  I looked."

So when the female interrrupts what she is doing and goes to assist in the search where it this, that, or the other thing?  Under the sink (or in the medicine cabinet, or on the flooor next to the bed), of course.

Now let's admit, sometimes things get moved around.  Some times they get misplaced and it's aggravating.  But really--how lost can the A-1 sauce get  in the refrigerator door?  How many times does the toothpaste wander out of the bathroom?  If blue socks get piled over with green socks, does that mean the blue socks are gone forever?  Why is it that the male of the species seems genetically incapable of finding simple, everyday objects?

Well, my theory is that it is indeed a genetic failing.  Look at an X.  Then look at a Y?  Isn't a Y just an X with a missing leg?  So it makes perfect sense that the gene that allows the female to locate objects, usually by slightly moving another object that may be partially obscuring it, to be sure,  resides on that leg.

I know of no serious scientific studies that have been done to prove this.  It's just a matter of time.  Perhaps by the time that women earn a dollar for every dollar men make for the same job the balance of power will shift and the research funding will follow.  I wonder if I will be famous in my life time, or will I have to wait for the posthumous honor?


  1. You've hit it right on the head, Olga! It's a perfect explanation, and fits Jerry to a "T" (or a "Y"?)

  2. Yes, I think you will definitely be famous for this postulate. I'm going to save a copy of this blog posting so I can sell it later and get some big bucks.

  3. That is just brilliant and so simple. E=mc2 may have just met its match.

  4. Why I think that is brilliant! The mysterious X Y factor is now explained in full No doubt your theory will be in textbooks soon.

  5. Sounds plausible to me. I know mr. kenju cannot find anything that is not attached to his body and sometimes, not even then.
    A doctor once told him that his brain does not get the message of what his eyes see. Maybe that's the missing gene?


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