Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Painted Into a Corner

Talk about painting yourself into a corner...I was working on laundry this morning in the basement of our raised ranch house while Mike was putting on the final coat of floor polyurethane.  When he finished he went out to the garage to clean up and I went up the deck to go upstairs through the back door...only to discover that we had not unlocked the back door before starting our chores.  Ha!  We could sit in the basement den waiting for the stairs to dry in five to eight hours and watch TV.  We decided to go out.  Mike's wallet and license were upstairs and so were my glasses.  Fortunately my purse was downstairs and I had a pair of glasses in the car so we went out for a nice long lunch, made a trip to Costco (coffee, wine and craisins) and then to a shopping center where I bought two new tee-shirts that I badly needed.  By the time we got home, the stairs were dry. 

So tomorrow morning we will head for Connecticut to spend the weekend with Mike's family.  We enjoy Thanksgiving for the time with family and, of course, the food.  It's such a non-demanding holiday for us since we just have to show up with a couple bottles of wine and a cheese platter (as long as the weather is not too hairy for the drive).

So, Happy Thanksgiving to all.


  1. Sounds like the two of you are born problem- solvers, or people who make lemmonade out of lemons. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Paint yourself in a corner? Go have lunch. Talk about making lemonade from a lemon. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Olga.

  3. Love how you just went with the flow.
    Have a great Thanksgiving. We are expecting heavy storms here, hope you fare better.

  4. Non demanding? You're bringing the wine. That is often the most important part. Hope it was a good one.


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