Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Changing of Season

The temperature was 19 degrees this morning and a heavy frost did not disappear until around 11 a.m.
With the hills to the east of us, we did not see the sun until 9:30 this morning and when I went for my walk at 1:00 this afternoon I was blinded by the sun shining into my eyes because it was barely above the horizon.    After the weekend, when clocks "fall back" we will be full into the dark time.  This is "Florida weather" for me--time to start planning for that trip.
I took a shift at our library this afternoon but it was not at all busy.  On the way home there was enough light to see the coppery tones of the oak trees but most of the other trees are bare and their frames looked black, like iron, against a pewter grey sky.  I had the thought that the mountains have turned metallic.  I was inspired to start working on a poem about it.
I'm thinking right now about putting on some comfy pajamas and brewing a cup of sleepy time tea.  Then I'll be too hot to go to sleep.  Mike was quite intrigued by the thought of fleece sheets mentioned a while ago by Linda at A Slower Pace.  He has the flannel sheets on our bed and two blankets now, but I am just not ready for that yet--even with the temperature dipping down into the teens. 
I have been absolutely forbidden to touch the thermostat downstairs.  I suspected that was coming when Mike set up a new thermometer.  I kept turning the heat down because the thermostat-thermometer was reading 80 and Mike was bound and determined to prove that it was just stuck there.
It's not hot flashes.  I'm long over that, but somehow my body temperature regulating system never quite went back to normal.  I'm comfortable when it is hot all the time or even if it is cool all the time, but when it I go from cold to hot, warm to cool, things just go kaflooey. (Oh, get over it, spell checker.)


  1. It does sound like a good time to go to Florida.

  2. Sometimes I wish I lived with a nice strong man to twist off the jar lids, till it comes to the thermostat. Then I feel blessed to be solely in control. Also nice come remote time.
    So spell check has no idea about kaflooey? Kind of limited don't ya think.

  3. I am the master of our thermostat but hubby is happy that I keep it at 68F. We do have heated floors in the bathroom and once in a while sit in front of the gas fire in the formal room.


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