Monday, November 29, 2010

Back on Track

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, I went to the Cabot Factory sock sale, then out to lunch, with my sister.  On Sunday, I took the grand kids out to lunch.  Wednesday was an unexpected lunch because of trapping ourselves in the basement.  Thursday, of course, was a full day of feasting and nibbling.  On Friday, we made our annual pilgrimage to Giant Grinder and Modern Bakery on Franklin Street in downtown Hartford.  Then we went out for a soup and sandwich supper on Friday night.  In between all this eating was either work on sanding/finishing stair treads or driving.  Healthy food choices?  Exercise schedule?  This is how I can gain five pounds over the holiday season, and I just decided not to do that.
So yesterday and today, it's out for brisk walks and pull out the vegetarian recipes and the exercise bands.  This morning, I made a big pot of oatmeal.  I used to eat a lot of oatmeal breakfasts but then I got out of the habit when I stopped using milk.  I used to have much lower cholesterol levels, too.  I have to go for a blood pressure check at the end of the week so I need to whip myself into shape here.

The printer was unplugged from the computer.  Why?  But at least it was an easy enough fix.  The big computer seems to be back in business.  I guess it was just taking a Sunday rest.  The car "low tire pressure" light is still on, even though Mike has put air in the tires.  Maybe something is wrong with the sensor.  I really came to detest those warning lights when I had my Saab.  That car had a regular light show going most of the time and I was tempted to drive it over a cliff--well, push it over a cliff, anyway. 
Anyway, with a little fresh air I am not so cranky and out of sorts today.  I am thinking I will go out and do a little shopping even.


  1. Changing temperatures cause air to expand or contract in our tires. I'd just ignore the sensor or look into nitrogen which is more stable.
    You mean after sanding/finishing you still need to work out? Not fair.

  2. I also ate oatmeal yesterday for breakfast...but negated all my good efforts by eating fried eggs and bacon today!

  3. Have a fun day shopping. You've earned it.

    I'm having to tighten up again on food myself.

  4. I'm a big oatmeal fan. I eat it cold and uncooked and mix it with nuts, dried fruits, etc. I like it because there's no sugar, unlike boxed cereals. I'm not opposed to sugar, but it makes me sluggish in the morning. It's still warm enough here, but soon I'll have to start cooking it. Yum.

  5. Oatmeal was my first solid food as an infant and I still love it 60+ years later! Cinnamon has been added since it is a good way to lower the fat in our blood. Shopping seems like a chore now that the rush has begun. Have fun!


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