Thursday, October 14, 2010


Woohoo.  Some sparks flew on The View this morning and Whoopi and Joy both got up and walked out on guest Bill O'Reilly.  Barbara chastised them for doing so and for raising their voices.
Personally, I gave Whoopi and Joy two thumbs up and a big shout out.  You go, girls.
Bill O'Reilly doesn't know the meaning of the word "dialog."  His m.o. is more diatribe.  Maybe they should not have been goaded into raising their voices, but that is a natural tendency when  you have something to say are are going unheard.  It was pretty clear old Bill was not hearing with any kind of openness or understanding.  They had a right to leave and not condone his bigotry and his sarcasm.  I also left, turning off the tube before Barbara finished her statement.


  1. Olga, as I think you know I am uncomfortable with any kind of confrontation, I can't even watch it on television. I love Joy Behar and think she's brilliant. I like Whoopi too. So, I'm fine with whatever they did to keep from having to continue to listen to that bag of wind.

  2. I just had an email from a person has has FOX news blocked from his TVs. He considers them obscene.

    Thank goodness those poor miners didn't have to watch FOX news or they might have turned and ate each other.

  3. I briefly saw the show and walked out myself.
    I only have one fear of an afterlife. I am terrified that I will spend eternity locked in a room having to listen to either Bill O'Reilly or Ann Coulter. That fear keeps me obeying the 10 commandments to the letter. Can't take a chance.


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