Wednesday, October 6, 2010


"What fresh hell is this?"  Dorothy Parker

Some times I am just a danger to myself and others.  Yesterday was one of those days.   I burned my arm with boiling water--not seriously, but painful nonetheless.  Aloe vera gel really did help.
The burn incident was after I'd done a load of laundry that included a tissue stuffed in a pocket.  I hate that.
I'm counting forgetting to use my Costco coupons when I went shopping as the third minor disaster of the day.   That way I don't have to dread something else going awry.
Bad things happen, but this is seriously concerning.  A 78 year old woman was missing from her northern Vermont home a couple of weeks ago.  It was believed that she was abducted.  Her body was found two days ago by hunters in the woods of a nearby town.  The police did not release details except that it was definitely the body of the missing woman and that she had been murdered.  Who did this and WHY?
It is easy to fall into a state of complacency living in a small, mostly rural state with a low crime rate.  Then something like this makes the news and we all re-examine our habits.  Scary.
Scary...the mid-term elections campaigns.  It's actually becoming possible to believe that our country has been infiltrated by alien beings intent on taking over the government...and coming dangerously close to success.


  1. Scary indeed... so much violence in the world... I really feel scared most of the time...

  2. I agree about the alien beings.......I just hope they are not successful!

  3. Danger seems to be a part of life. Some things harm us by our own doing and some harm us because of the stupidity of others.

    I'm currently reading the new Bob Woodward book about Obama and the war in Afghanistan.

    I read an article about Glen Beck. My brother-in-law idolized him. I find him scary as hell.

  4. Olga, you are definitely a menace to yourself; however, the crazies running around out there are a menace to us all.

  5. Good grief, that poor woman. I had begun to belive that I had reached an age when I would not longer appeal to the violent natured people. Wrong I guess. Now we are easy targets.
    Ya think wearing tinfoil hats will scare off the aliens? Probably ought to count only on the voting booth.

  6. HA! Maybe I'll don a tin foil hat to wear on election day.


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