Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Household Drudgery

Random window, not my house...
My least favorite household task is washing windows.  The streaks are always, always on the inside of a double pane--making it truly double pain (sorry, had to be said).  Our windows are old enough to be cantankerous and sticky--hard to take apart and hard to put back together--and that's when you notice the streaky smudge on the inside of the reassembled window.  I say, "I'm just gonna let that go," but I don't because I can't.
I consider thick drapes pulled closed on all the windows, but we do like to see out our windows and actually have them open as much as possible.  I'm pretty sure that taking down window treatments to clean would quickly overtake window washing in the race for least favorite chore.
I have made a concession in consideration of my age.  I bought a scrubber and squeegee on an extendable pole so that we don't have to drag out ladders, balance precariously at the top of them, and worry about falling into the arbor vitae.
Perhaps the next concession will be hiring someone to wash the windows for me.  Or--one of my best household hints--take off my glasses.  Dust, dirt and smudges disappear like magic.


  1. I vote for taking off your glasses and drinking a glass of wine.

  2. I agree, take off your glasses and enjoy a glass of wine.

    I can put up with a lot of dirt before I'm moved to wash windows.

  3. I like the removal of glasses part. I'm always shocked how dirty my shower is when I pass it in the afternoon. It looks so much cleaner when I'm in it and can't see!


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