Saturday, October 16, 2010

Guinea Pigs

A local author and book illustrator, Tracey Cambell Pearson, did a children's program at our  local community center today.  She read a book she has recently illustrated (Guinea Pigs Add Up) and had several craft stations set up.  I had volunteered to bring some apple cider and help set up. It ended up that I stayed to help out at one of the craft tables, too. 
There was a spot for petting guinea pigs, guinea pig cookie decorating, guinea pig mask making, guinea pig crown making, pictures (of--you guessed it--guinea pigs) to color, face painting, and book signing, plus a raffle of books.
Good grief, who knew that guinea pigs were such popular pets?  The place was mobbed with pre-schoolers to early elementary students, parents and grandparents with lots of guinea pigs in tow.  I loved to watch the kids so seriously intent on making their crowns.  A few wanted help, but most were fiercely independent and knew exactly what they wanted to do and how they wanted to do it.  My job mostly turned into dispenser of pieces of tape, but it was fun.

This was my second visit to the community center this week.  On Wednesday night I went for "Crackers, Cake and Candidates."  Most of the Democratic hopefuls for the State offices and our Representative to Congress attended  and there was a good crowd of townspeople as well.  That's always a good opportunity to hear what candidates have to say in a friendly format. 
I think maybe I should get a mail in ballot and vote already.  That way I can stop the callers urging me to support this one or that one by saying, "TOO late, already voted!"


  1. I am a real fan of guinea pigs. We always had them when the kids were growing up. They are clean, don't smell, and don't run in a wheel at night. And they have a charming whistle. I have a grandpig now -- or actually he lives in LA with the granddaughters. His name is Bob. :)

  2. I think our ballots arrived a day or so ago. I need to do the same thing. When they call now I and want to tell me about a candidate I say "democrat or republican." When they say "democrat" I say save your speel I'll be voting for them. I need get the voters phamplet out and study it some more. Actually, I'd rather bury my head in the sand but I can't bring myself to not vote.

  3. I just hope the Democrats do better than how I'm hearing they are going to do. People are so stupid. Guinea Pigs, on the other hand,.....

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  5. I use that "all ready voted" ploy also. Shuts them righ up.


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