Monday, October 4, 2010

Foliage Tour

Monday seemed like a good day to go out and do what so many tourists come here for--ride around and look at the fall foliage.  Next weekend will be the "big" one what with the Columbus Day holiday, arts and crafts festivals, cider festivals, country hay rides, and all manner of events planned.  We will avoid being on the roads next weekend so we went out today.
We took a long loop through the mountains.  It was a pleasant ride, but the color seemed a bit off this year--not as vibrant and awe inspiring as it sometimes can be.  Maybe it was the summer heat, the dry spell through July, or the deluge of rain in the past couple of weeks.  It seems like I was reading in the paper a few days ago that those who predict such things were saying the summer weather would have the effect of blunting the fall color OR it would be more spectacular than ever.  No going out a limb there.
We stopped and had a nice lunch at a lodge near the Jay Peak Ski Resort.  It would have been perfect had they had a fire roaring in the fireplace--just for the atmosphere.  It wasn't really cold enough for a fire.
It was a mini vacation...a day off.  Novel concept when you're retired, I guess.  The next several weeks seem like they are just filled with appointments--annual physicals, dentist appointments, eye doctor appointments, a mammogram, hair cuts, oil change on the car--all the little details piling up at once.  I just may be so busy running around that I won't have time to make my own Halloween costume--let alone Mike's. ;)


  1. I remember well my trip to the New England states to see the fall foliage. It was wonderful and the color was good that year. We have enormous beauty in Oregon but the leaves here do not match the ones in Vermont. Spectacular!

  2. gorgeous picture and description of the day. Sounds like heaven to me.

  3. I guess we all tend to compare our fall colors to the New England states. You guys really do it right. Hopefully it is just too early due to the long hot summer.
    We have had several unspectatular years in a row here. Hoping for the best.
    There really are a bunch of things you need to get done by those you trust before you head south.


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