Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Got tomatoes?  How about tomato sauce?

The tomatoes I planted this year were called "Big Girls."  They were kind of late to ripen, but they certainly live up to the "big" in their name.  Four or five tomatoes filled up this whole pot and, since they are also meaty, I ended up with another lovely batch of sauce.

The green beans are long ago done and I pulled up the pepper plant and the cucumbers a while ago, but those tomato plants just keep on going and going.  There are even new blossoms--although fat chance anything will come of those before the first frost.

Mike likes the tomatoes on a sandwich, salad, or just sliced as a side dish, but he will not eat tomato sauce.
Something abut a pissing contest he had with his father while he (Mike) was still in a high chair.

                      "Yes, you will eat that spaghetti before you leave this table!"
                      "No, I will not!  (You can stuff it into my mouth, but you can't make me swallow.)"

Personally, I consider tomato sauce the ultimate comfort food.


  1. That must have been some pissing contest to make Mike not like homemade tomato sauce the rest of his life!

    When will you be leaving for Florida?

  2. I didn't know you could make tomato sauce out of tomatoes. I thought you could only make it out of a Ragu jar. Loved the toddler pissing contest story.

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  4. I can so relate with Mike. Love raw, hate sauce which makes me no fun at an Italian restaurant.
    Don't know if it is a pissing contest when between a mother and daughter, but I too stared at a plate of spaghetti into the dark of night.
    Sadly,now we have learned how really healthy the sauce is.

  5. My two youngest kids would live on pasta and tomato sauce every single day- 3 times a day if they could! I love making sauce too, but usually end up using the canned crushed tomatoes. Maybe next year we will have some lovely tomatoes like you. Hope so! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Linda, We will leave for FL after Christmas. The tomato sauce incident is an example of the stubborn gene.

    Marcia, You are so funny!

    Patti, You always take Mike's side! He is a bit in love with you because of it.

    Barb, The big girl tomato variety is very flavorful and makes a delicious sauce.

  7. Pointless to say that as an Italian girl I LOVE tomato sauce though of all pasta types I'm not so keen on spaghetti! ;-)


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