Monday, September 13, 2010

Rembering a Visit

She comes int the grandmother's house with her mom and dad.  Her dad sets her down and  it is obvious that she had been sleeping as pudgy fists rub at her green eyes. Her mom pulls off  hat and jacket while the grandmother waits patiently.  This little one is not to be rushed into social interaction.  She buries her face in her mother's sturdy leg, wrapping herself in the safety of her of her mother's nearness.  She peeks shyly then darts her head back against the sheltering leg.  Her fine, brown hair is charged and wispy around her like a halo.  A thick fringe of dark lashes brush her high pink cheeks.  Then she looks up and a smile crinkles her toddler face.  She looks like happiness personified.  She lifts two arms to her grandmother who scoops her up in a bear hug.  "Gramma's house!" she announces.  Let the fun begin.


  1. Then she looks up and a smile crinkles her toddler face. My favorite line.

  2. I know how that makes you feel!


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