Sunday, September 26, 2010


Immediately after posting about my delight with my retirement life, I got a call from my old school district with an offer of a long term substitute position.  Amazingly, I feel a bit guilty for declining, but I think I can muster the resolve. I realize that both my health and independence are gifts to be appreciated while I have them, because they are not going to last forever.
It's not the parking lot I find so objectionable.  It's the people who use it as a trash receptacle, an open air bathroom, and a handy assignation spot (in broad daylight on more than one occasion).
I bought an MP3 player.  (I know, welcome to the 21st century, me!)  I thought it might be nice to listen to audio books while doing the housework.  I thought I would have to get my grandchildren over to show me how to use it, but I did manage to figure it out--at least get some music into it.  I can download books from the State library through our local library so I'll give that a try.  However, right now either blogger or my computer is being quite obstinate, so I think I'll go pick up a real book.  I'm just finishing The Wild Girl by James Fergus--a fictional account based on a true incident.  It's very good and I'm almost delaying finishing it.


  1. Ugh, substituting, to me, is all the bad of teaching and none of the good. I would think a long term gig is a little better but not much. You made the right decision. I'm going to check out the Wild Girl.

  2. So glad you were firm. You have paid your dues, now is time to kick back and do what you want to do--when you want to do it.
    I read James' "1000 White Women". If you haven't read it I highly recommend it. It is also based on a true incident. I'll check out Wild Girl. Thanks.
    I am jealous that you can download books, I am waiting impatiently for my library to do that for my Kindle.


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