Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Plus and Minus

All I can say to this is: You go, girl!  What a positive statement about aging.

I don't know what to say about this either, except that it is pretty negative of statement about something.  I read in the paper about a high school boy who was seriously injured at his tech. center, in the electrical lab.  He attached an electrical cable of some sort to one of his nipples.  A second student attached another cable to the first's other nipple.  A third of these rocket science scholars plugged it into an electrical socket.  The resulting shock was enough to stop the boy's heart.  The boy and his parents are now suing the the teacher, the school, and the school district because the teacher did not adequately warn the boys about the dangers of electricity.  Good grief.  Kids can do some stupid things and sometimes they get hurt.  Still, I'm inclined to believe that if my kid did something like this, I'd want to keep it quiet rather than making a public stink about it.  But then, I believe I warned my kids not to stick things into electrical sockets fairly early in their lives.


  1. And the teacher forgot to warn them not to attach electric cables to their nipples. If that isn't neglect, I don't know what is. No wonder I'm looking forward to retirement.

  2. OMG.......I guess teachers really are expected to raise everyone's children! Why I'm just "shocked" by this!

  3. I'm pretty much sure I have always intuitively known not attach electrical cables to nipples -- or other body parts.

  4. Loved the video of the mayor!! She's something else.

    We are lawsuit happy in this country. People will sue over anything. I'm with you, I'd have kept that little incident to myself I think. Wouldn't want people to think my kid was that dumb.

  5. Good grief. What idiots and yes, I would never want anyone to know my kid was so dumb. Guess they ought to put "do not swallow nails" signs up in the shop classes.


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