Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

Vermont summer is generally regarded to happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which makes this the last day of summer no matter what the calendar says.  And the weather today was certainly cooperating with that bit of folk wisdom.  Mike says it's as though someone just flips a switch.  I'm sure we will have more nice days, but after the record heat of the past week, it does seem fallish today.
My hour of garden work turned into three hours of weeding, rearranging, and digging.  I have some plants to divide so I need to dig more garden space so I'll have a place to put them. 
The thing of it was that I wasn't drenched and blinded by sweat mixed with sun block so I just didn't realize how long I was working out there.  Now I'll have to cut back on some other part of my day.  The library is closed today and I think the digging takes the exercise place of my usual Monday walk there.  Mike will just have to take on supper because I have plans to check out some new blogs and I was planning to go to the garden store.  Somedays just don't have enough hours and others drag on.
I absolutely have to make a trip to Costco tomorrow.  I have been neglecting the grocery shopping generally lately.  I cleaned out the fridge in anticipation of restocking.  Isn't it curious how icky a fridge can get?  I wonder if the door might have been ajar on one of our "away" times lately.  It has not been that long since the last clean out and I found an unusual number of moldy things.  I hope the fridge is not getting ready to die.  I do, however, wish for a peaceful but early death for my clothes washer.  Is it wrong to play favorites with household appliances?


  1. no, it's not wrong to play favorites with appliances, but I wouldn't want any of mine to die. I hate to pay for new appliances. It's like buying tires. Well, maybe not that bad, but close.

  2. Some of that sounds like work and I'm opposed to work. One time I made the comment I wished our roof was brown rather than white. The next week a hailstorm came and beat up the white one so bad it had to be replaced. Guess what color I chose?

  3. I prefer to think of it as exercise--although my doctor refuses to count gardening as exercise when I go for my physical. Obviously, she does not garden.


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