Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Mike's woke up with a swollen and very painful toe on Sunday morning.  He was trying to remember stubbing it.  I say, if you stub a toe or break a toe, you know it right away.  I diagnosed him with gout--something my father had bouts of and something my brother gets serious attacks of sometimes.  After looking it up online, Mike is inclined to agree with my medical assessment.  This is, I'm sure, just another thing that he will fail to mention to his doctor at his next visit.  At the D'Angelo family reunion, one of his cousins was going down the list of who had poly cystic kidney disease that is a genetic disorder that runs rampant in that family line.  Mike claimed he "didn't know" whether or not he had it...and he's not ever mentioned the family history to his doctor.  I have threatened to accompany him on his next visit, and I am threatening once again.

The family reunion on Saturday was lovely, by the way.  It was held at Mike's cousin's home on Crystal Lake in Connecticut.  I know Mike really enjoyed the conversation and I really enjoyed the food.  His grandson is doing a project on armed forces veterans in the family, so that gave Mike something to research with cousins and the one remaining uncle of the "parent" generation--just the kind of thing he loves--that military history.

There was plenty of talk about the group taking a tour of Sicily next summer.  Mike offered to work on details with the cousin who hosted the party.  That would be a great opportunity should they pull it off. 


  1. Sounds like a good event.

    Trust me, when Mike's gout gets bad enough he'll mention it to the doctor. You won't have to say a word. He'll be begging that doctor for help. Gout resides in this household too. We have a prescription of the magic 6 pills in our medicine cabinet at all times.

  2. I thought gout also. Sometimes modifying diet helps. Pretty sure if it progresses, he will mention it to the doctor.
    The Mayo Clinic site has some good info.
    Good luck, men do not make good patients as a rule and he is probably thinking he has enough on his plate all ready.

  3. Sounds like a great day, and I definitely think you should accompany him to the doctor next time.


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