Thursday, September 16, 2010

End of Summer...

The calendar says four more days of summer, but the weather has taken on an autumn vibe.  I was wishing I had worn mittens on my walk yesterday.  It was 55 degrees, but a cold 55 with cloudy dampness to drive it home.  Today, it was actually a bit cooler when I went out for my walk, but it was warm 50s with blue sky and sunshine.  Definitely, I keep a brisker pace on my walks in this cooler weather. 

I hadn't weighed myself for a long time, so this morning I hopped on the scale because Mike had remarked that I looked like I was losing weight.  I've lost a whopping eight pounds since last spring.  At least it is a downward progression, if I have to look at the bright side.

Now, in spite of the lack of pounds just melting off my body, a part of my saggy butt syndrome is that my pants are too big.  I bought a new pair of jeans at Macy's in June and then it got hot so they were just hanging out in my closet.  When I wore them the other day, I discovered the zipper was somehow defective.  I could not get them unzipped for anything and there was nothing stuck anywhere in the zipper.  Mike gave it a try without luck.  Finally, in desperation, I just pulled them right down and stepped out of them.  I don't have the tags so I cannot return them.  GRR.  I hate buying defective things.

BUT, I can replace the zipper because I bought a new sewing machine.  And I can make myself some new pants.  I bought the NECCHI 4825 and I played with it all this dreary, rainy afternoon.  It is incredibly easy to set up and I am very happy with the basic stitches.  It has some interesting features--like an automatic button hole maker and an overlock stitch for finishing seams.  I'm excited to get to work with it.  In the summer time I set up my sewing in the breezeway, but pretty soon I will have to move back indoors to a corner of the laundry room.  I don't like that because there are no windows and it is quite cramped, but maybe a zippy new machine will get me past that.

So I know summer is ending because I made squash soup today.  So good, it's almost worth having summer come to an end.  I sauted grated carrot, onion and celery; added vegetable stock and a butternut squash I cooked last night.  Today, I threw in a tomato and  a bit of ginger and a bit of curry powder.  Blend it smooth and add some coconut milk.  Now I have to think of something for Mike cause he doesn't do soup.


  1. It's still pretty freaking hot here in Atlanta, but your posting gives me hope.

  2. You sound as if you're disappointed about the 8 pounds. That's a significant amount my dear. At our age we're not supposed to lose weight fast. Men drop weight very fast. grrr

    I'm not tempted by the new machine. I don't like sewing.

    I am tempted by the squash soup. Hmmmmm good I'm sure. I love hearing people say fall is coming.

  3. I'm impressed you could get out of the pants with out unzipping them.
    I don't mind the saggy clothes with the weight loss but I am a bit startled at the saggy skin. Sure doesn't snap back like it did when we were younger. Keep the loss slow and you might avoid that thrill.

  4. Summer may be over where you are, but it's 90* here today and little relief in sight.


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