Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dirty Enough for TV

We try to keep a clean and tidy house.  This plan is facilitated by the fact that we no longer have a.) children living with us; b.) cats, dogs, or other pets; c.) jobs that keep us too tired to care about an accumulation of dust and other grime.

Add to that the fact that we are two mildly obsessive-compulsive organizing types, and you'd think that one could eat off the floor on any given day or check for a poppy seed between teeth in the reflection from the polished coffee table.

Well, that certainly is NOT the case at all.  And then, too, one of us is a collector with an impressive amount of stuff that he does not like the other one of us to dust for fear she will break something. 

Still, those TV shows of a few years ago--the ones where a professional organizer came in to help the homeowners get a handle on the garage, or make a home office more efficient, or a family room more functional--they really kind of made me twitch.  The shows that were on this past summer--the ones about hoarders--can not watch them.  I would rather watch blood and guts surgical procedures if it was a forced choice.

I understand that hording is a serious mental health condition.  I'm sure it is a topic that is worthy of a documentary to raise awareness.  A reality show, week after week?  No, thank-you.

Once we get the trans fats and other anti-nutrition substances out of our food, can we start to pay attention to  the trans fat equivalents that are being fed to our brains by "entertainment"?


  1. Ain't that the truth. However, I'm been known to watch a bit of HGTV myself. I would miss that junk TV if it were to go away, which is won't because there are lots more addicts other than just me.

  2. Only good thing about those shows is that it makes most people feel they are great housekeepers. Never watched one, the previews scare me.
    I have found my diminished eyesight plays tricks on me and what looks it is dust free, really isn't.


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