Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Tour of Other Blogs

Grandma duties have kept me quite busy for the past few days and recovering my energy will keep me occupied for the next few days.  I did get through a number of posts on Google Reader today.  It inspired  me to take the easy way out and just refer to the writings of others.
Arkansas Patti had a valuable history lesson on her most recent post.  What a shame that this isn't common knowledge.  In addition, the connection with her "gram" was so poignant to me.
I've mentioned my fascination with herbs, so I was happy to read about drying citrus peel.  There is mention of incorporating dried citrus peel in crafts projects with children.  My grand daughter always has a craft project in mind when she comes to visit, but she is also open to suggestions so I'll keep this in mind.
Margaret wrote about messy houses.  As we were leaving, Kristen, sensitive soul that she is, said, "Grandma, I'm sorry we made such a mess of your house."  (Some toys that need to be scooped up, a few extra dishes to stow in the dishwasher, and a cunning little hand print on the front door.)  I don't call it mess; I call it reminders.  I also have to mention an Elder Storytelling Place story about visiting grand kids, because D. Sugar probably tells it more like it is.
Gosh, I am so tired...but I get to sleep in a popcorn-free bed tonight and there is not reason to get up early tomorrow morning.


  1. Everytime I walk through my house and wish the toys were out of sight I remind myself that all too soon I'll wish for the days of those toys. Such innocense will soon be gone.

  2. Yep, grandkids are definitely a blessing.

  3. Thank you so much for the link and kind words.
    So glad you liked it.
    Grands can delightfully wear you out like nothing else can. Rest easy and try not to miss them too much.
    Will definitely check out the other sites, always looking for new places to visit. Thanks


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