Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Looking Good While Aging

Linda, in A Slower Pace post, mentioned the need for changes in make-up as we age.  This is something I have been thinking about.  I've given up (finally!) the hopeless quest to find that magical product that will erase wrinkles and age spots, returning my visage to a former youthful glow.  Looking young is for young people.  The thing is, I never was much of a make-up user--a dash on of mascara and maybe a dusting of powder or a tinted moisturizer.  Now, if I don't feather on some eyebrows it looks exactly like I have none, but mascara just serves to emphasize my sparse eyelashes.  I think I'm better off without it.  I can definitely see that I need a little lipstick, but I cannot seem to remember to put it on.
Then, of course, there is all the information about changing clothing styles as we age. This seems harder to do than the make-up thing--probably because I would have to actually have a style before I could change it. I really think I am not all of a sudden going to go for the classy-sophisticated look when my entire life is about casual.  Still, I don't really like the casual look that is marketed for my age group.  My major change has been from tee shirts to cotton shirts (more time to iron now) with my jeans.  I have learned from sewing, that a shoulder seam adjusted or a dart added can make a world of difference in the fit, and consequently, the overall appearance of a garment.  I also have learned that a well fitted bra not only is actually comfortable but actually impacts how I look. 
I was reminded of the importance of a good bra by Marcia at Well Aged... who wrote about her bra collection--all two of them!  I've seen the shows on Oprah where women are made-over by the right fit in a bra.  Now, I have had many fittings at both specialty shops and department stores over the years and I always thought bras were surely the work of the devil.  I could wiggle out of a bra while driving home from work.  (Now wouldn't that give Oprah fits!?) but then I gained weight and found that not wearing a bra was as uncomfortable as wearing one. A 32 AA to a 38 C by the measurers' reckoning by the time I reached my 60's--and never comfortable in a bra.  However, when I finally actually paid someone for a bra fitting, the flood gates of heaven opened up and I was truly transformed.  I wear the improbable size of 34DD, but so, so comfortable and I once again have a waist.  So, while I sure don't get the "one for everyday" bra concept, I do have to agree with Marcia. Lifting up the tatas does look, if not more youthful, a whole lot better.


  1. What a hoot!! I have no desire to look like I'm in my forties. People my age only succeed in looking like an old woman trying to look forty. It doesn't work. I do, however, enjoy a litte update once in a while.

  2. Ok, I'm going to Target to buy a third bra.

  3. 34DD Wow. Just to be able to add DD to my bra size would be worth it. OK, now I'm convinced and only have to find a "fitter". Comfortable and finding a waist actually sold me. Thanks.

  4. Double Ds?? In your dreams mother!!


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