Friday, August 20, 2010

Dust Storms

A beautiful summer day here today. Warm and sunny, but not too humid. I love it. Although, I was a bit distressed to see some signs of leaves changing color while on my walk this morning.

I read in the paper that Yankee Magazine has ranked a Connecticut town as the number one place to view fall foliage. Ooo...that got Vermont dander up for sure!

As happens toward the second half of August, I have started getting the house cleaned up. This is a habit from the time when this time of year meant gong back to work. I would go into a mad whirlwind of cleaning up summer messes to get ready for the busy fall. I’ve been retired long enough now to not knock myself out trying to spit shine every surface inside and out in the space of a week. I take the luxury of time and work at my own pace. Also, I am no longer so delusional as to say, “Now the housework is all done!”

Today, I dusted and vacuumed Mike’s basement office. This is something he prefers that I not do and so I accommodate that wish since I prefer not to do that job myself. But when the time comes that dead flies are sprinkled over everything along with the dust bunnies, then I can’t just keep walking by the door, ignoring the scene within. This is where he keeps a major concentration of stuff--to pick up each item and dust it and then beneath it is a day long job. It’s easy for someone with my klutzy ways to knock things over, to break delicate and expensive (for reasons that totally escape my appreciation) collectibles. Would you want this responsibility?  This is a peek...the whole room is like this.

I voted in the state primary today--early because we plan a trip to Rhode Island next week.  There are six candidates running for governor on the Democratic side--all very, very similar in both ideology and style.  It's hard to know who is most "electable."  I felt like I was making senior year in high school year book decisions  for the superlatives page while casting my vote this time.


  1. THAT would take a lot of dusting, Olga. You are a brave lady! :)

  2. Men and their toys! However, since Mike tries to dig glass out of your foot from time to time, he's definitely worth keeping. By the way, was that glass perchance on the floor of his office? If so, I can understand how you missed seeing it when you stepped.
    Furthermore, aren't you glad he has this space away from the rest of the house? Imagine it all in your living room.

  3. Yes, I'll keep him. I break a lot of glass!
    And, of course, I do love him.
    He's not afraid of dying so much as dying before me and watching from on high as I haul all the stuff out to a garage sale with a sign--motorcycle toys, $1 each.

  4. Oh my, basements are good for something aren't they? Perhaps a strong wind would blow the dust off. I don't think I have what it takes to tackle that. Bless you.

  5. Mr. kenju has an office (our son's old bedroom) in which I am forbidden to clean. He has papers everywhere while drawers and cabinets are bulging. He says if he puts the papers away, he'll forget where they are. That room is so dusty that it's no wonder he gets a sinus headache every time he goes in there.


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