Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Visitors

Mike's daughter, grand daughter, and three grand sons were here for a visit from South Carolina. The plan to have the boys stay here for a week was cut back since my step daughter will try to come up again next year for her high school reunion and the boys will stay with us then. She also wanted to have a good visit with her mom since she will be moving into a much smaller place in a 55+ community and probably won't be able to accommodate a family of six for an extended visit by next year. The southerners were not that impressed with our "heat wave." It was good to have them here. I think they had fun. Mike took them out to target shoot and I fed them.
Then back to work:
There always comes a time, usually right in the middle of July, when the garden just seems to run away from me. I go along thinking that I'm keeping up with the feeding, weeding, watering, pruning, edging, daily inspections for trouble on the rise. I start thinking, "You know, I really have this garden thing under control now." Then BAM! I don't understand how it happens. Weeds I would swear were not in sight yesterday are two feet high. Potted plants are brown and crispy around the edges. Their little plant tongues are hanging out and they really turn into drama queens about my failure to water then in a timely fashion. Some buggy thing has chewed up the basil in the herb garden, but not in the vegetable garden. Perennials that were beautiful three days ago all of a sudden need major haircuts. Daisies are flopping over onto the lawn. Baby vegetables clamor for care while staying resolutely green and immature. I believe I'll take another trip to the farm market.


  1. Too funny how a garden goes wild just when we think we have everything under control. Can so relate.

  2. I think everyone has experienced a run away garden. I'm not sure why though. Are we just tired of the garden, does the heat get to us, or do weeds just grow better later in the summer?


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