Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Thoughts

I thought I was free of the self destruct mode, but...Today I slammed my left foot in the front door, scraping my instep and making a bloody mess of my heel. However, I found it immensely amusing and I've been giggling about it all day. Now, I'm manic. Mike is threatening to outfit me with a hockey goalie's uniform--minus the skates.
We are going camping on Monday so I spent the day preparing some meals for that. I remembered that we had a fan in the basement so I dragged that up to the kitchen and it really helped since I had the oven on and our air conditioner is only in the bedroom. Mike got out all the equipment and started some of the packing. It takes a certain amount of work to relax so completely for a couple of days.
We sat out on the deck tonight for supper and watched the sun go down. Mike grilled tuna and I roasted potatoes in oil and herbs from my garden and made green beans in a lemon-butter sauce. The green beans were the first from my garden. It was really a yummy supper. I also made a blueberry pie, but we were too full to have dessert. We really have cut back on the portion sizes, but we still eat well--still eat the things we enjoy. Mike is not really into my vegetable preference, but it all works out somehow.
Tomorrow will be a big celebration. The farm where we buy our sweet corn will be open for business. Corn on the cob is the one thing we absolutely only eat local and in season so it's a big deal.


  1. My favorite line was "It takes a certain amount of work to relax so completely".

  2. Hockey gear does seem appropriate:))
    Is there anything sweeter than fresh picked corn?
    You are smart, it is not so much what we eat that is bad, just the giant portions that get us.

  3. Watch yourself there, you could hurt someone. Glad I don't live near you, I'd hide for a few days until your new manic mode passes.

    Have a wonderful time camping. Fresh corn on the cob sounds delicious.


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