Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Already

We are getting things packed up for a weekend of camping. I will in the wilderness for the next three days--beyond the reach of cell service and Internet access. I'll have a good book or two, some knitting project, my crossword and sudoku puzzles, binoculars and camera, and some walking shoes and canoe paddles. Quiet time. I hope it warms up. The climatic conditions have gone pretty haywire. We had warmer weather in April than we had in June. Today the temperature is 56--way too cold for our brief summer season, too cold for camping in my book--but that is supposed to change by Saturday. Gotta go do some shopping. We do eat quite elegantly when we camp if nothing else.


  1. Have a great trip! I can't imagine eating elegantly while camping since I can't manage an elegant dinner even at home.

  2. Sounds wonderful to me. We are apartment dwellers by choice but sometimes in the summer I wonder about our choice. It's 59 here today. With the windows and doors open the noise level is unbelievable. It's the season people move in and move out, all the machinary is running to keep the landscape well groomed, people are outside a lot more. I believe people from India think you must be outside to talk on your cell phone. Then there's the apartment pool people have been enjoying for weeks now, even though the temperatures have been in the low 60s. I would love a week-end away from all the noise.

  3. I am jealous. Love to camp and right now we are having awesome weather. However since everyone else is going this week end, think I will go kayaking middle of next week if the weather holds. A trick my RVing brother taught me.
    Food tastes so much better out of doors. Have a great 4th.

  4. Camping food is the best part about camping, in my opinion.


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