Sunday, June 20, 2010


Probably no one had a doubt that I would indeed buy the American Girl doll for my grand daughter. I couldn't resist taking her out of the box and playing dress up with some of the clothes I had made. The story on Julie is that she is a San Francisco girl growing up in the hippie era.
I actually visited Haight Ashbury the year after the infamous summer of love. There was really not much to see except shops and vendors. Such is the story of my life--a day late and a dollar short, always.


  1. but you lived to tell about it. I'm thinking some of the folks who were in the middle of the summer of love may not have ever made it out. Too much summer and too much love. Some of us were built for less excitement and more longevity.

  2. I, too, visited the Haight-Ashbury district around that time. My memories include a large number of young people requesting spare change. "Spare some change?" "Spare some change?" repeated endlessly.

  3. Great clothes. I really like the white top and the shrug. Did you make these from a pattern?


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