Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grandma Doings

I bought this little chest at a yard sale last weekend. I cleaned off the stickers and painted it. I plan to give it to my grand daughter to use either for doll clothes or maybe art supplies--whatever she wants to put in it.
She has dropped major hints about wanting an American Girl doll, Julie--something only a grandmother who is well past the struggling young family stage could possibly provide, a grandmother who has, in the past, been known to be a fairly easy touch. Will it happen? Most likely.
I got a post card in the mail today from Circus Smirkus. I took Kristen when she was about four and I'm thinking that Dane is about ready for a trip to the circus this summer.
Isn't it interesting that I substituted for six days and I can spend the money earned at least twelve different ways? I do look forward to doing some fun things with the kids, though! And it is so true...when I'm done having all the fun I can stand, I can ship them back to their parents. What a great concept.


  1. That's a wonderful little chest and you did a great job painting it. For some reason I suspect an American Girl doll won't be far behind.

    A trip to the circus sounds like fun. Go teach some more so we can see what all you do with that money.

  2. That chest is really cute. My granddaughters all had American Girl dolls, but I didn't buy any of I did buy a new hairdo for one of the dolls, though, in NYC. Can you believe they have a "salon" for the dolls?

  3. I'm can't tell you how envious I am of you! I'd give anything to have a grandchild to spoil. The chest is adorable...just the right size for doll clothes!

  4. it looks like a winking face!!!! Lovely!


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