Sunday, June 27, 2010


There was an article in the local newspaper about the latest fad of people in city neighborhoods setting up small chicken coops in their backyards. I wonder if they realize before hand just how much a rooster crows during the day. I used to think they just sounded off at sunrise to wake up the farm and then just weren't heard from for the rest of the day. When I moved to the country seventeen years ago, I found out that is not the case.
One of my neighbors told me that ammonia poured around the garden perimeter will repel woodchucks as well as coyote urine--at considerably less cost. I heard a gun shot the other evening so I'm wondering if Little Chuckie had moved on to another neighbor's garden. Most of the gardeners around here would not have a qualm about shooting a woodchuck. Years ago it was not at all uncommon to see dead woodchucks draped over fence posts--I guess as a warning to others. I haven't seen that for some time and I certainly don't miss the sight. There's a whole lot less open farmland though.
A good friend of Mike's is driving up from Rhode Island with his two daughters for a brief visit. Mike's daughter is planning a trip to Vermont (from South Carolina) with the three boys, who will spend a week with us in mid July. The summer is filling up fast. I guess I'd better make plans to stock up the kitchen shelves with teenagers coming.


  1. Olga, my favorite line was:
    Years ago it was not at all uncommon to see dead woodchucks draped over fence posts--I guess as a warning to others. How funny.

    I'll be thinking of you with teenage boys around. Make sure to put away the good china.

  2. You probably should go to a warehouse store and stock up in large quantities. Teen-age boys are bottomless pits. We have company scheduled for August and daughter is talking about squeezing in another trip before fall but that's about it for us. When we first moved to Oregon I thought I was running a bed and breakfast we had so much company, but it has leveled off.

  3. Here you can have hens but not roosters -- because of the noise. I think my dog would kill them.

  4. I love the sound of roosters but then I am an early riser.
    Just be glad you don't have a neighborhood donkey. They can cause hearing problems.


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