Monday, June 14, 2010


I am done with the American Girl doll clothes for a while. I have a couple of patterns that I bought, but I have been adapting them to get a better variety. I have learned quite a bit about patterns and alterations through this exercise. I'm sure my grand daughter will appreciate it although I do expect she'll ask why I didn't make underwear. She's like that.
Between sewing and my sanding duties on the deck, I managed to tidy up my two clothes closets. Up and down here are two shots of the closet I share with Mike. He uses a very small section, but he actually has more clothes now that he is retired since his work wardrobe was entirely jeans and tee shirts. There is little call for anything fancier in the antique motorcycle business. He had to buy "normal" clothes when we started doing some travelling.
Mike will have to do some wardrobe sorting himself very soon. He has lost about sixteen pounds. I've lost a whopping three. There are some things in the scheme of male-female differences that are just plain fundamentally unfair. But, hey, at least am going in the right direction, however slowly.

My casual, everyday closet is pretty small. I don't imagine I'll ever have anything like a walk in closet. What a heavenly experience that must be--but then it probably wouldn't inspire me to keep accumulations of clothing and such under control.

This month's Real Simple magazine has an article on organizing stuff according to whether you are right brained or left brained. I didn't really need to take the quiz to find out I totally live in a left brain world.


  1. All I know is that your closets are so clean!

  2. Boy, do I admire your closet. I'd never had a walk in closet until I moved to Oregon. Living in an apartment we don't have a lot of outside storage or a basement so it all went in the walk in closet so I still don't have one. I'm working on getting my clothes to a minimum but now that I'm in 2 sizes of clothes it will be a while before it happens.

    Husbands and wives should not be in the same state when losing weight. I still don't understand why men drop weight so fast and women don't. Keep working though, you'll get there.

  3. I too admire your closets! Wow! So organized! We have a walk in closet. It is great. He has one side, and I the other. I just went through and weeded out a bunch. So right now it's not too bad. --I love Real Simple.

  4. Love the little doll are quite a talented seamstress. The closets look good too!

  5. I think you are right about small closets. I think filling a walk in closet would just add to my hoarding tendencies. That's why I like small spaces. They help me keep myself at least somewhat sane.


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