Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I thought that I had a small two day job as I had agreed to help with the New England Comprehensive Assessment Program (NECAP) science testing at an area technical center. While I was there this morning, the woman I had substituted for last fall learned that her daughter in New Hampshire, who was due to deliver her second baby around June 10th, had gone into labor. So now I get another week of substituting. The group I dealt with last fall were just delightful and I enjoyed the couple of weeks with them a great deal, but this is a different grouping. They say it is a really rough crowd who have been eating another substitute alive. Gulp. I'm off to practice my "mean teacher voice" and my death stare before tomorrow morning.


  1. Oh wow, we'll send someone looking for you if we don't hear from you tomorrow.

    Do let us hear how this adventure turns out. Good luck.

  2. Yikes. Good luck on that one. Hope you have enough socked away to pay the ransom.

  3. Aw, they're just big babies. It was an easy day.


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