Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

It was just one of those days. I made the first baby booty and it went so fast, I started on the second. I got all the way to the instep before I noticed that the second was not looking exactly like the first. Thinking I had lost concentration the second time around, I pulled out stitches down to the sole and started again, this time being especially careful to check and recheck the pattern instructions. Once again it was not matching. Obviously the problem was really that I had screwed up booty number one. I had to pull out stitches AND figure out the mistake I made with the first booty so I could make it again with the second. Mike suggested that I "Put the needles down and step away from the knitting."

Okay, so then I had the bright idea to cut out some apron fabric. I cut two pieces with the fold on the wrong side. "Measure twice cut once," but NO not me. I feel like a dyslexic crafter. All sharp instruments were taken away from me at that point...for my own safety and welfare.

I can salvage the material by making shorter aprons or maybe adding a ruffle to the bottoms. The booties still look like booties. All is not lost. But the next time it is cold, dreary and snowing on a Sunday afternoon in May, I'm just going to drink hot tea and take naps.


  1. I had to smile because I'm prone to those kind of days. Hang in there. Perhaps the sun will shine tomorrow.

  2. I too can relate and Mike's advice is what gets me back on track.I'll be writing something that is just all wrong but I'm not sure why. I just walk away. Time really clears the brain.

  3. Been there done that! A little time-out and the world sets itself right again. I love making aprons. I made 14 little aprons for my daughter's kindergarten students. (the girls) They were simple little things but I sewed a pocket across the bottom and then stitched individual slots for crayons. It held an entire box of crayons. Easy to pull them out while coloring and then slip back into their pockets. My neighbor made one for me when I was a little girl and I just loved it! Have fun with your projects!


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