Thursday, May 6, 2010


Mike went for a physical yesterday. Our doctors have now gone to computerized medical records so he came home with a printout of diagnoses and recommendations for follow-up tests. If you looked at the list of diagnoses you might wonder just how long he has to live and yet we consider him to be basically healthy. His blood pressure is a little high and his cholesterol is a little high (but with an excellent good to bad ratio) and if he drops a few pounds, as he has started to do, those things will undoubtedly normal out. There are other things to watch, but not big things at this point. I could nag him about sun screen and eating my wonderful vegetarian creations for the sake of his digestive health, but to no desirable effect. He has decided on his own to cut back on portion sizes and get more exercise so I applaud those efforts and just hope he'll see the light about some other healthy tweaks to his life style. I think he was a bit shaken after his trip to the antique motorcycle meet a couple of weeks ago--seeing so many of his friends and old colleagues with serious medical problems.
I do have to say I envy how quickly he can drop weight once he sets his mind to it. Men! He's lost more weight than I have, and in less time. My weight seems to change very, very slowly, but I do definitely already see a difference in the fit of my clothes. I was determined not to have to go out to buy a new bigger sized wardrobe...but smaller sized clothes? I could get on board with that!


  1. Way to go Mike. It really is frustrating how easily men can shed pounds while we struggle.
    Wow, wouldn't shopping for small size clothes be a trip. Keep up the good work both of you.

  2. It's all about estrogen. We store in our fat cells as we prepare for menopause. At least I think I read that somewhere.


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