Saturday, May 8, 2010

Not So Beautiful Day

It was cold and rainy today so I got the housework caught up and then spent a good part of the day just knitting and sewing. I have finished two baby sweaters and have now started on baby booties. I just love knitting those little things.
I have a bureau in my basement where I keep wrapping supplies and a drawer dedicated to a store of gift items. The gift drawer was pretty much empty after last Christmas season so I am working on getting it supplied again. Last year I made shopping bags on an assembly line basis. This year it's aprons. It's handy to have some stuff on hand I can just grab and wrap for a hostess gift or whatever.
If something sits in that drawer for too long, I end up donating it to the Salvation Army or a local church's "Klutter Barn."
Better to be sewing or knitting at this point--rather than baking. (Baking=eating)

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  1. You are doing good. Keep up the good work.


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