Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hurray! First of May!

Today was Vermont Green-Up Day--a day when people go out and pick up the trash that has accumulated along the sides of the roads. It's a day that has special meaning and memories for me, but this year I was busy volunteering at our town library and then babysitting my grand children so I didn't really participate.
I have to say once again that I really hate litterers. There is a section of road nearby that is littered with a pile of coffee cups from a certain convenience store in the area. It's pretty obvious that the same person stops at that store each morning and picks up a cup of coffee then tosses it in roughly the same spot each work day. Even more disturbing, there is a pile of wine bottles accumulated in a small stretch of road nearby. I have to believe that someone (maybe the same coffee drinker?) has an entire bottle of wine for the trip home from work. Then there are the take-out containers that end up on my front lawn. Granted, we live in a rural area, but, come on, our front yard is obviously a front yard. Who throws trash in some one's front yard?
So do slobs feel okay about ditching their trash because they know that well meaning citizens are going to make a point of picking up after them? **#@@!!&*?!!


  1. Is it human nature to be slobs? Are we born that way? I don't understand it. It's a total lack of respect for people and the earth we live on. Says a lot about a person.

  2. I live at a very rural intersection so cars stop briefly to dump their stuff. This time of year I always want to put a sign out by my mail box. "I am expecting a Mother's day card since I have picked up after you all year."
    I hate the take out containers almost as bad as the used Kleenex and contents of ashtrays. Who raised these people?


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