Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weather, Food, Birds

Ah, April as we know it in Vermont. It was snowing this morning. It cleared up late in the morning and warmed up to the 50's, but the wind chill was making it feel like the 30's.
With all the walking we did in Florida, it was a shock to get home and notice how hard it has become to handle the hills on our walking routes here. Both Mike and I have made the commitment to keeping up with daily walking, though, and healthier eating, too. Time to get serious about losing those pesky added pounds. Even though Mike has way more to lose than I do, I know he's more likely to reach his goal first. Men and their metabolism!
We had baked fish with dill, capers, and pine nuts for supper tonight--with a side of asparagus. Last night it was baked chicken and a salad for Mike and curried chickpeas stir fried with carrots, onions, celery, and spinach for me. I love, love, love the spring vegetables. I have not given up my glass of wine for healthier eating, though. I drink water with my meals, but sitting down with a glass of wine after the supper things have been washed and put away--that's my favorite time of day.
The birds have quickly found our feeders again. They are already starting to visit in pairs--except for the masses of gold finch. We had to move the feeders last fall when we took out a dead crab apple and replaced it with a smaller one. Now the feeders hang off the back deck and we can watch them from our dining room table and from the kitchen window. The price of a sack of bird seed provides cheap entertainment.
Okay, I see that all efforts to load some pictures are wasted--save them for another day.

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  1. We had 30 degrees here in Pa. this morning also. It warmed up to almost 60 later on. 53 now. - After a few days of almost 90 degrees it was back to reality!! We, at our house, didn't get any of the snow flurries. -- I love to read your blog. Reminds me of some of our pastimes. Like the birds. -- ;-)


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